My favourite things about Android 4.0: Part 2

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This post is about another one of my favourite features of Android 4.0, this one isn’t exclusive to Android 4.0, but still a great feature of the Android OS: The notification LED! How many times have you left your phone in a room, walked out of the room for some reason while your phone received  a text, come back in and not picked up the  text message because you didn’t know you had it? On most Android phones a little, non power hogging, LED light flashes so you know you have a notification of some kind! Never happened to you? OK, imagine your watching a YouTube video on your phone and you get a notification, but the video has audio (Which it probably does) so your phone doesn’t play the notification sound, which allows you to keep enjoying the video, and out of the corner of your eye you see a little light flashing. This can only mean two things: Either the LED is malfunctioning and flashing for no reason or you have a new notification! A notification LED was high on my list when choosing my new phone and on some phones the colour it flashes can be changed depending what type of notification you receive!

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My favourite things about Android 4.0: Part 1

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This is my first proper post on my blog and its about one on my favourite features of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich! Swiping: Why just press on the screen to remove an app from the recent apps list when it can be swiped off the screen? Its looks cooler and its more fun just to slide a finger across the screen from left to right, or right to left, in order to do something like that. Individual notifications can also be removed from the notifications list with a simple swipe, which I think is also more practical than having to remove them all at once!

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This is a blog set up by me to put my thoughts on the interweb. It’s just a bit of fun! I’ll use it to blog about stuff, and mainly to accompany my tech related amateur YouTube channel Shyguy306. So if your reading this please come back and check sometime soon, as I think it will be good fun!