Why Minecraft is not like LEGO

Hello again reader!

Since I have started playing Minecraft on my Xbox 360, a few people I have shown the game to, say that it is kind of electronic LEGO. And I see what they mean! They both involve building stuff. But that for me, is where the similarities end. With LEGO, you can build a creation, but nothing much after that. With Minecraft, you can build a creation, live in and around the creation (Not literally) and then create other features of the world. Basically¬†I’m saying with LEGO, you just get to look at your house or creation, whereas with Minecraft you can create a world with stuff and a house to live in, and look at when you want. Plus you can run out of LEGO bricks, but with Minecraft, its harder to run out of¬†resources. But when you do, you can just craft some more in seconds!

Thanks for viewing the pixels that make up the text I have written, if that is indeed what you did!