Bubble pilot review

Hello reader!

Want to have some quick, harmless, fun? Then check out bubble pilot!
Bubble pilot, by bodgkins, is a game for your android smartphone, and I quite like it. All you have to do is throw a bubble from the bottom of the screen, to the finish point at the top (or the other way round) while avoiding the spinning spikey thing that moves around the screen. If you hit it, your bubble pops, and its game over! There are stars to collect as well, which adds something to aim for!
All in all, its a fun game that, while it may not seem it, can be rather challenging! I’ve managed to get to level 18 before my bubble burst! There is however, no save point, so you can’t quit the game and rejoin on the level you were on. But that’s a minor downside, all in all, its a great game that can provide some quick fun while your waiting for the bus, and lasts as long as you want!

Thanks for reading, and please stay tuned for more like this!